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Creating a masterpiece for every residence.

Our artist-in-residence is internationally acclaimed painter Jaline Pol, who has found a new muse in the verdant landscape, the blue indigo of the ocean and the snow-capped majesty of Mauna Kea. The Big Island, and Hapuna in particular, has inspired the creation of a new collection of work that captures the emotional essence of this paradise.

A contemporary Impressionist of some renown, Jaline has lived and traveled the world, finding inspiration in her native France and such exotic places as Bora Bora, New Caledonia, Cameroon, and the Middle East.

More than 80 canvases will be completed — one to be selected by each owner at the Beach Residences.

This collection of contemporary impressionistic paintings is an artful blend of the ancient and modern traditions of the Mauna Kea Resort.

While her work pays homage to the Impressionist masters, she has developed a highly personal style. Working exclusively with a palette knife, her paintings create the illusion of sculpted paint by rendering a three-dimensional effect that provokes a physical response; when viewing a field of her irises, one is tempted to pick a bouquet. The seasonal colors — spring yellows, summery reds, autumnal sienna and winter blues and whites — evoke a spiritual connection that is at once dynamic and comforting.

Jaline herself is somewhat of a force of nature, rising as the sun peeks out from behind Mauna Kea and often painting into the night. More than 80 canvases will be completed — one to be selected by each owner at the Beach Residences. As the centerpiece to the décor, each one is very much a modern day masterpiece, and an ideal companion to the priceless collection of art assembled by Laurence Rockefeller throughout the resort.


We invite you to schedule your visit and learn more about all that is to come at Mauna Kea Resort, including the first release of Hapuna Beach Residences, the Hapuna Beach Villa and Hapuna Estates.

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