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Ebb & Flow

If you love Hawaii for the beach, why would you live anywhere else?

The glistening half-mile of Hapuna leads to your doorstep. Next door is Kauna’oa, the beach at Mauna Kea. One need not wax rhapsodic about these two pearl-white crescents, but suffice to say that for long walks at dawn or watching the sun light up an evening sky, there are few places quite so naturally perfect.

Which of your beaches is better? Many give the tip of their beach umbrella to Kauna’oa. But true connoisseurs of sun and sea have made the judgment that its neighbor at your doorstep, Hapuna, is even better. It is wider, longer, quieter. Whichever side you take, whether your pleasure is snorkeling alongside colorful reef fish or sea turtles, there can be no debate, this is the very definition of paradise.

Beach Clubs

It is an endless sea of blue. Shimmering. Playful. Lapping. Cascading. Meandering. Soothing. Here, water is our muse and constant companion — and part of a residential experience unique in all the world.

The sound of the waves help Hapuna and Kauna’oa speak for themselves. But what about the pools? There must be a better noun than “pool” for the centerpiece of the Hapuna experience. Imagine sinuous bodies of shimmering blue, modern and minimal, each one stepping down to the beach. Whether morning laps, a spirited chicken fight or simply curling up in a cabana, dazzling new pools define the Hapuna experience.

Overlooking the pools at Hapuna is the Hapuna Beach Club for member’s private daytime use. Again, it is a striking and imaginative rejuvenation of one of Hawaii’s most notable architectural statements. The Beachery at Hapuna is stocked with an array of fun ocean activity equipment while next door at Mauna Kea on Kauna’oa beach are all the water toys you can imagine, a toes-in-the-sand beach bar and grill and other countless amenities.

Once again . . . if you want to live in Hawaii for the beach, why would you live anywhere else?

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